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Getting the marbles rolling within your company

It is a challenge to find motivated personnel in today's labor market. In the logistics sector this is even worse. It is annoying when this challenge takes the attention away from your core business. We have years of experience in providing personnel exclusively to the logistics sector. As a result, we know exactly what is needed. We assist in filling your schedules, contribute to shipping parcels on time and keeping your customers satisfied.

Rij knikkers

Why you choose us

No conflicting interests

We are loyal. We make sure that we have no overlapping interests.  We only work in your interest. Competition for personnel is a thing of the past.


We work with a cost-plus model that includes a fixed fee. This way we keep our costs transparent and our margin does not increase along with any salary increases.

Bring the focus back to your core business

From the recruitment of your desired profile, to the lightning-fast payroll to the planning and communication. We do it all. Leave those vacancies to us.

Recruitment and retention of new target group

The side job target group is hard to reach. Often this target group does not have the time to work structurally in logistics. Yet it is a large group, with a real desire to work. Through our unique combination of flexibility and structure, we facilitate both you and the employee. In this way, we not only recruit motivated employees, but also retain them.

Wondering what we can do for your business?

Send us a WhatsApp or an email. We will then contact you. In this contact we will discuss what our added value can be for your company